Broadband Committee

The committee will be responsible in the feasibility study and building of a municipal FTTH (Fiber to the Home) broadband network. Duration of the committee will be two (2) years starting from the approval date. At its discretion, the Board of Selectmen can extend the duration of the committee. The committee will be composed of seven (7) members, which are appointed by the Board of Selectmen from the Town residents. The committee will provide quarterly reports to the Board of Selectmen.

Phase I:

  • Research necessary steps to establish a municipal light plant for the purpose of building a municipal broadband.
  • Estimate the public take rate using various methods including, but not limited to:
    • Social networks
    • Articles in the local newspaper
    • Public presentations and Q&A sessions
  • Research companies that can provide services and obtain price estimates in the following areas:
    • Construction (Firms that will provide the installation of fiber-optic cable)
    • Maintenance (Firms that will provide maintenance to the fiber and associated elements)
    • Network Operator (Firms responsible for the operation of switches, servers, hubs, etc.)
    • Service Provider (Firms that will manage the customer relationship which includes billing, technical support, home installations, etc.)
  • Develop a business plan to run a successful municipal broadband service.

Phase II:

  1. Upon approval by the Town, prepare Request for Proposals and act as technical liaison between the Town and contractors during construction.