Community Choice Aggregation electricity supply company


The Town of Harvard, with the assistance of Colonial Power Group, Inc., is pleased to announce it has entered into a 36-month agreement with Dynegy Energy Services to bring 100% green renwable wind energy to the town’s residents and businesses who have Basic National Grid service.  The pricing for electricity under this agreement is currently lower than the Basic National Grid Service.  It also brings stable electricity pricing over the 36-month agreement. No action is required by ratepayers currently on National Grid’s Basic Service to participate, as they will automatically be switched to the new supplier, but do have the option to opt out.  The service will begin with November meter reads. Biling will continue from National Grid with the supply line noting Dynegy Energy Services.  Residents with alternative energy suppliers or the Green Up Supply (as part of the National Grid bill) can opt into this new service as well.  Please see links below for more information on how to do this. Two meetings are scheduled to have your questions answered. Tuesday, Oct 1 at 12:30pm at COA, Hildreth House and Thursday, Oct 3 at 7:30 pm at Upper Town Hall.

Please visit the Colonial Power Group website for further information.
To view press release from Colonial Power Group click here.
Click here to view  an example of what your National Grid bill looked like prior to joining and what it will look like after.
To view consumer qualification notice from Colonial Power Group click here.