Housing @Hildreth Housing Committee


The Housing @ Hildreth House Committee (H@HHC) shall be appointed by and report to the Board of Selectmen.  It shall consist of seven members, including two representatives of the Council on Aging, a member of Board of Selectmen, a member of the Planning Board, and three members of the public at large.  Suggested experience includes: understanding of senior housing needs; developer; and realtor with understanding of market for property and housing. 


The H@HHC will initiate the process to allow creation of senior housing on some or all of the land in the Hildreth Housing Overlay District (HHOD) Section 125-55 of the Protective Bylaw) by a private developer.  It is the intent that the housing be suitable with respect to size, design and price for Harvard residents seeking to downsize.  There are two major phases to the process. The first is to get authorization from Town Meeting to transfer (by sale or possibly long term lease) the land and the rights of way required for access.  The second is to prepare a Request for Proposal to transfer the land based upon appropriate requirements that will ensure desirable senior needs are met.   

Phase 1:

Determine area of HHOD that can be sold, ensuring needs of Fire Department and any foreseen expansion of the Hildreth House are met.

Determine one or more possible rights of way needed for safe access to the property.  If technical assistance is required to achieve this objective, the H@HHC may request this from the Board of Selectmen.

Develop draft of conditions, requirements and standards for the senior housing including:

Approximate number of units including price and number of bedrooms/unit.

Single story living (master bed and bath on first floor).

Covered parking and/or garages.

Allowed capacity of Town Center sewer and water systems.

Architectural design and finishes meeting senior needs and fitting into the town center.

Develop preliminary appraisal of property (land) based upon desired use. 

Provide a formal report to the Board of Selectmen by 2/9/17 with sufficient information to draft Annual Town Meeting warrant articles requesting that the Board of Selectmen be authorized to transfer the land and grant appropriate easements for access for the purpose of issuing a Request for Proposal to develop the property for senior housing.

Phase 2:

Finalize conditions, requirements and standards for the senior housing by xx/xx/17.  This is to ensure the senior housing will meet the needs of residents desiring to downsize and remain in Harvard.

Provide a market survey of Harvard residents indicating their interest in the senior housing including features and desired purchase prices.  This will become part of the information furnished with Request for Proposal (RFP).  

Develop an RFP to transfer the land and with access easements conditional on building the senior housing using the conditions, requirement and standards date to be determined.

Provide assistance to evaluate responses to the RFP and provide a recommendation to the Board of Selectmen as to selection of a developer.


The H@HHC will provide periodic reports as required to keep the Board of Selectmen advised of their progress toward meeting the specified deadlines. This is an ad-hoc committee.