Teacher Retiree Information

The open enrollment overview booklets are here. Please read the GICRMT Open Enrollment booklet, and remember that your application must be completed and returned to the Town Hall by April 30, 2018.

If you have any questions, please contact Marie Sobalvarro (978-456-4100x330, or msobalvarro@harvard.ma.us).

GICRMT Open Enroll ---> Helpful information (Medicare & Non-Medicare), PLUS rates (Medicare & Non-Medicare) and plan summaries (Non-Medicare)

GICRMT Medicare CY2018 --> Helpful information (Medicare), PLUS rates (Medicare) and plan summaries (Medicare); this booklet has NOT changed since you received it earlier this year. 

Hartford Life Insurance Application --> If you wish to enroll in $5,000 of life insurance via the Town's policy with Hartford, please complete the attached application and return to Marie Sobalvarro at the Town Hall.

Transition update - December 2017

Non-Medicare Plans -- NEW! Updated February 2018

Non-Medicare Plans

Medicare Plans