Boat Storage (The Lottery)

Boat Storage Information and Lottery Registration
Boat Lottery
The Lottery

Harvard Parks and Recreation offers boat storage at Bare Hill Pond for Harvard residents/taxpayers only.  There are storage racks that can accommodate canoes, kayaks, or paddleboards, boat moorings in the cove and near the picnic area and a small number of boat slips. Since the demand for these spots is high, we conduct a lottery each year to assign slots.  The lottery drawing is done at a Parks and Recreation Commission meeting and names are drawn randomly.  Stickers will be issued to all lottery winners.  All boats stored at the beach must have a current year sticker displayed or they will be removed. Click HERE for boating information and rules.


  • Beach Parking Stickers are required to park at the beach at any time and available to Harvard residents only.  Click HERE for more details on obtaining a beach sticker.
  • The lottery is open to all Harvard Residents or taxpayes, 18yrs or older, and the registrant must be the owner of the boat – registering for neighbors, friends or family from out of town is not permitted
  • You can only register on-line here. No money is required to register; however, payment is due by the date on the schedule below or your spot will go to the next person on the list.
  • Water Lottery - Limited to 1 lottery entry per household. You will be moved if your boat is the wrong size for the moorings.
    • Slips/Outer Moorings - Enter the lottery of your 1st choice, those that do not win a slip will automatically be entered into the outer mooring lottery
    • Inner Cove Mooring Lottery - Enter if you boat is larger than a canoe/kayak but <= 14'. Do not also enter the Outer Mooring lottery.
  • Canoe/Kayak Lottery - Limited to 1 lottery entry per household. You can also enter one of the "Water" lotteries. For safety reasons, you are limited to ONE canoe or TWO kayaks/paddleboards per rack
  • Registration numbers are required for motor boats.  Failure to provide an accurate registration number will disqualify that entry.
  • All boats on the racks must have a current permit sticker affixed and stored in a safe manner or the boats will be removed.  . 



Lottery Opens on Park and Rec Website under "Boat Storage" – no payment due for registration

Everyone is put on the Wait List until the winner are drawn.

Beach Stickers can be purchased on-line

3/30Lottery Closes

Live Drawing at combined Parks and Rec/Harbormaster’s Night
Winners will be posted on this night
The Harbormaster will make the boat assignments

An IPad will be available to purchase beach stickers and they will be available that night

4/24Deadline for all spots to be paid through UniPay
5/1First date boat stickers start being mailed 


Please note: There is NO MONEY REQUIRED to register for the lottery.  Everyone is initially on the WAIT LIST. Fees will be collected if you win a spot in the lottery or if you are registering post-lottery for empty spots. You will recieve an email with a "lottery Code" and a link to pay.

Questions? Please email Parks and Rec.