Fishing Tournament Permit Application

The requestor must acknowledge that they have read and agree to abide by the rules listed for holding fishing tournaments on Bare Hill Pond.

  1. All fisherman must have valid Massachusetts fishing licenses on hand and available to be inspected by the Environmental Police.
  2. Fishing tournaments may be held April 1st to Mid June and the 2nd week in Sept to the end of October
  3. Tournament dates will be permitted on a first come first served basis, no more than a year in advance of the date requested
  4. Only 1 permit will be issued for each day..
  5. No more than 10 boats may participate in an event, with a minimum of 5 boats.
  6. Boat trailers must be parked in the High School parking lot behind the library on Pond Rd. No parking of trailers is allowed at the lower parking lot or between the trees next to the boat ramp.
  7. Cost for a tournament is $25 per boat and must be paid no later than 2 weeks before event. This fee is for use of the town boat ramp for up to 10 boats participating in the tournament and parking. You must pay on-line after receiving an approval email from Parks and Recreation. Checks are not accepted.
  8. All participants must be supplied a copy of the Bare Hill Pond rules by the event organizer prior to the start of the event.
  9. Tournament organizers must send a copy of the catch report for the event to Bruce Leicher, 58 Warren Ave, Harvard, MA 01451 or email results to:
  10. Overnight tournaments are not allowed.
  11. Limit of one tournament scheduled per weekend unless approved by Parks and Recreation.
  12. Bring a copy of your emailed permit with you on the day of the tournament.
  13. You must make use of the boat wash at the top of the bottom parking lot next to the beach house prior to entering the pond per the HarborMaster.
  14. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in disapproval of future permits.

I have read and fully understand the rules of Bare Hill Pond. I understand that in consideration of the use of the Harvard Town Boat ramp, the individual/organization responsible for this event hereby releases the town of Harvard, its officers and employees, from all liability and claims of any kind arising out of the use of this facility for this event.

Tournament Information
Enter a unique name. i.e., Catch a Big Fish 2018
Maximum of 10
Format 1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx
Only one tournament is allowed per week and permits are granted on a first come, first served basis so list alternate dates if possible.