Transportation Advisory Committee

Intent, Purpose, and Authority

There shall be so created a Transportation Advisory Committee or TAC, that shall coordinate local transportation planning efforts and to promote collaboration in the development of collective transportation goals and priorities for the Town of Harvard. Members of the TAC shall be appointed by the Select Board for the purpose of carrying out the responsibilities of Chapter C of the Town Bylaws; address proactively a primary responsibility of the Planning Board to make careful studies of the resources, possibilities and needs of the town; and other duties and responsibilities of town boards, committees, and line departments, as may be applicable.


Harvard Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) shall meet to discuss issues and concerns related to transportation matters and initiatives in the town and neighboring communities. The TAC shall establish collective goals and priorities for improving all means of transportation in the town consistent with the vision and goals of the 2016 Harvard Master Plan and other relevant policy documents. The TAC shall invite input from other boards and committees and the general public to ensure that the Committee is truly representative of the interests of the people of Harvard. The TAC shall present their goals, priorities, and recommendations to the Planning Board and Select Board prior to respective Board retreats; provide semi-annual updates regarding progress, trends and other activities to each Board; and shall publish their accomplishments and recommendations in a report for Annual Town Meeting. Additional meetings may be called to respond to transportation issues as they arise. 


Membership shall be comprised of five (5) at-large members and one (1) member each from the Select Board, Planning Board, School Committee, and Council on Aging. Members shall be appointed by a majority vote of the Select Board. Members serve for three (3) year terms, at the discretion of the Select Board, according to the provisions of Article 3, Section 3-7 of the Town of Harvard Charter. There are no term limits, and members can be any qualified resident of the Town of Harvard. At establishment, there shall be ten (10) members, comprised of the following:

Director of Community and Economic Development (Committee administrator/non-voting)
One (1) member of the Planning Board
One (1) member of the Select Board
One (1) member of the Council on Aging
One (1) member of the School Committee
One (1) at-large member representing bicycle and/or trails advocacy
One (1) at-large member representing business community
Three (3) at-large members Harvard residents

The Committee may also seek consultation and advisement from other boards, committees, and agencies as they may be necessary including but not limited to:

Director of the Department of Public Works or designee, Police Chief or designee, Fire Chief or designee, MRPC Transportation Planning and/or Trails (MRTC) Representative, Devens Enterprise Commission Representative, Landline Trail Group Representative

The TAC shall annually elect officers from its membership which shall include a Chair, Vice-Chair, and a Clerk, in a manner it deems necessary and desirable.

Committee Charge

The TAC shall coordinate all transportation-related projects, issues, and questions as may arise that are within or may impact the Town of Harvard. Specific responsibilities also may include:

Serves as the entity that formulates future transportation system planning taking into consideration projections for population, housing, and commercial growth; regional projections and trends; equity and other factors that can influence travel behavior and needs. The Transportation Advisory Committee shall, coordinate with other Town boards, committees, staff, other officials, and the public and establish recommendations for collective Town goals and priorities.

Acts as liaison, along with DPW Director, regarding issues, policies, and plans of regional and local interest considered by the Montachusett Joint Transportation Committee (MJTC) of the Montachusett Metropolitan Planning Organization (MMPO) including the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP), Unified Planning Work Plan (UPWP), Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), Public Participation Plan (PPP), and Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).

Considers issues, policies, and plans of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) and, coordinates with the DPW Director, who is the liaison to MassDOT on current or proposed projects of a regional or local connection.

Determines and recommends to the Planning Board the local transportation project priorities to be incorporated into the plans and programs of the MPO through the MJTC.

Determines and recommends to the Planning Board and Select Board the transportation projects that should be considered to address local needs and priorities as may be expressed in local plans and policies including but not limited to the Master Plan, Town Center Action Plan, and Town Center Transportation Study Report.

Works with the DPW Director, Director of Community and Economic Development, and other entities to pursue the grants that should be sought to address the transportation priorities and projects.

Recommends changes in the town street and road system to address traffic, safety, and other transportation priorities.

Works with DPW and the Planning Board to recommend specific projects to be included in the State and Regional Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

Provides an open public forum for transportation-related projects in Harvard, and coordinates between projects and interests in cases where separate projects may impact each other or require joint planning due to interconnectivity.

Committee Meetings Date/Time
Meetings of the Transportation Advisory Committee are open to the public and subject to the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law MGL Chapter 30A, §§18-25. The Transportation Advisory Committee shall meet quarterly and may convene special meetings as may be needed. Committee meetings shall be held (date, time, place) as to be determined by the Committee. Agendas shall be available at Town Hall and are posted to the Town website 48 hours prior to the meeting date.

The Transportation Advisory Committee provides a summary of action in the Annual Town Report and shall provide a report to Annual Town Meeting.