Town Hall & Hildreth House Construction Committee

Adopted August 5, 2014 - Last revision 06/16/2015

The Town Hall and Hildreth House Construction Committee (THCC) is established by and will report to the Board of Selectmen (BOS) to oversee and execute the construction phase of the Town Hall’s renovation in accordance with the schematic plan 1B approved by the BOS at its meeting of July 24, 2014, and will oversee and execute the construction phase of the Hildreth House Accessibility Project as approved by 2015 Annual Town Meeting.

The THCC shall be comprised of 7 members appointed by the BOS, with at least one member having experience in public or private construction project management and one member representing the Council on Aging and/or Hildreth House Improvement Committee.

The THCC will interview and recommend an Owners Project Manager (OPM) to the BOS, an architect for the Hildreth House project, and work with the architects and OPM to:

  • Finalize the detail design drawings, develop construction/bid documents and bid the project in a timely manner in accordance with plan 1B as approved by the BOS, and the Hildreth House plan approved at town meeting.
  • Select a general contractor, subject to approval by the BOS; and
  • Review and approve invoices for submittal to BOS for approval

The THCC will report to the Town Administrator on a weekly basis and report to the BOS at least monthly. In addition, the THCC may make recommendations to the BOS on modifications based on problems encountered as the projects moves forward.

The THCC shall not schedule any public forums or engage in any public outreach without the specific prior approval of the BOS.