Ambulance Services


HAS's mission is to provide quality pre hospital emergency care for Harvard residents and visitors. This care includes emergency patient assessment, patient care, lifting, moving, transport, and transfer of care tohospital emergency room personal. It also includes patient advocacy, support for other town services such as police and fire departments, back-up service for surrounding town via our mutual aid agreements, and coverage for Harvard events such as road races and fairs.


The Town of Harvard Ambulance Service (The Service) was founded in 1972. The ambulance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,and is staffed entirely by volunteer Emergency Medical Technicians. The Service maintains a Special Project Waiver from the Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Services, which allows Bromfield School students to complete an EMT-Basic training program, and then to respond to medical emergencies with adult Service personnel.

The Harvard Ambulance Service plays a critical role in the Town’s emergency services, and works in cooperation with the Harvard Police and Fire, and Dispatch departments. Although Service members are unpaid, they are official employees of the Town of Harvard. The Service operates one ambulance,designated Harvard 9A, which is licensed at the Basic Life Support level by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS). Advanced Life Support services, when required, are provided by private and municipal Paramedics under service agreements with theTown of Harvard, who work in close conjunction with the Harvard EMTs. The Service is headquartered at 40 AyerRoad, in the Town of Harvard Public Safety Building.

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Staff Contacts

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Steve Beckman Co-Director
Jason Cotting Co-Director