Permanent Building Committee

Mission: To advise the Town on financial estimates, design, and supervision of construction (including reconstruction, alteration or enlargement) of municipal building projects, with the exception of school projects funded by the MSBA.

Tasks: The Permanent Building Committee shall be responsible for:

  • Developing contract documents for and overseeing feasibility studies
  • The preparation of design plans and specifications (including schematic design, design development, and construction documents) developed from the project goals established by the proposing board/committee
  • Financial estimates, and
  • All aspects of construction, including whatever is necessary to implement or complete a project

Membership: The committee shall be comprised of seven members appointed by the Select Board for a term of three years. The initial appointments shall be staggered for one, two, and three years. The membership of the Committee shall be as follows:

  • The Town of Harvard Facilities Manager
  • Harvard resident who is an architect or engaged in construction
  • Harvard resident who has experience in project budget management

Four additional Harvard residents with knowledge of either construction, energy-efficient design, engineering, architecture, finance, or complementary skills such as managing projects from inception to completion.

A non-voting temporary member shall be appointed by the Board or Committee which has a proposed project to act as liaison to the Building Committee. Temporary members may participate in the activities of the Committee only with respect to the particular project of the board, and only for the duration of that project.

Liaisons from other town committees as non-voting members

Aside from the Facilities Manager, no other member of the Committee shall be a paid employee of the Town. It is expected that the Committee will seek advice from other Town Hall staff (e.g., planning, procurement).

The Building Committee will report to the Select Board at least quarterly while a project is underway, and make recommendations relating to expenditure of funds.