Master Plan

On March 31, 2016, the Planning Board voted to accept Harvard’s Master Plan from the Master Plan Steering Committee (MPSC). This vote culminated a four-year effort by the MPSC to prepare this important document that will shape the preservation and development of Harvard for the next 10 years. The Planning Board offers its profound thanks to the members of the MPSC for their perseverance and dedication to the task. We would also like to thank the citizens of Harvard for their attendance at numerous public meetings to offer their valuable insight for sustaining Harvard’s human and physical resources.

The Master Plan consists of 2 parts: a Phase 1 report, Vision and Goals, and the Phase 2 report, The Master Plan. Phase 1 involved an extensive community participation process in which citizens expressed their opinions in workshops and a survey to help establish the broad objectives to guide the growth of Harvard in the coming decade. Phase 2 contains a detailed analysis of current conditions in Harvard and provides specific directions for how the Town can achieve its goals.

This web page has two important purposes: first, to post the adopted plans and key studies for all members of the Harvard community to learn about their town and to understand the consensus for Harvard’s future that emerged during the course of the study; and second, to inform residents of the strides the responsible parties are making in implementing the recommendations in the Plan. We encourage you to regularly check back here to learn of progress. Better yet – Get Involved! The Plan is only as strong as the effort people are willing to put forth to achieve its Vision.

Sincerely, Kara McGuire Minar & Lucy Wallace
MPSC Co-Chairs                  
Master Plan Steering Committee
Members Liaisons

Kara McGuire Minar, Planning Board

Joe Theriault, Historical Commission
Lucy Wallace, Board of SelectmenJaye Waldron, Conservation Commission
SusanMary Redinger, School CommitteeDon Ludwig, Finance Committee
Victor Normand, Devens Economic Analysis TeamElaine Lazarus, Economic Development Committee
Didi Chadran, Community Preservation Committee 
Joe Hutchinson, Planning Board 
Other Phase 1 MPSC Members
Jim BreslauerMichelle Catalina
Tim ClarkRich Maiore
Rich MarcelloRon Ostberg