Resources/References.  URLs below link to state and academic resources around New England.  All links contain information on tick-borne disease, protecting yourself, repellents, etc.  

Clinical References.

Talks Held in Harvard.


  • Click here to watch the 2018 "Tick Talk" with Larry Dapsis, Entomologist, Cape Cod Cooperative Extension
  • Click here to review the presentation slides from the 2018 "Tick Talk" with Larry Dapsis, Entomologist, Cape Cod Cooperative Extension


  • Click here to watch the YouTube video of the 2017 "Tick Talk" with State Public Health Veterinarian, Dr. Katie Brown

Other interesting videos and articles. 

  • Click here to watch an 18-minute documentary featuring Larry Dapsis and describing his efforts on the Cape to educate people about ticks and tick-borne diseases.  Film made in 2017.
  • WGBH science reporter Heather Goldstone hosted a panel of experts to take a closer look at the growing public health threat of Lyme disease. Click here to watch. 
  • Click here to watch the PBS video, "How Ticks Dig In With a Mouth Full of Hooks", describing how ticks attach and the best method for removal.   
  • Click here to read a Harvard Press Tick Article

Tick Testing. Not all ticks carry bacteria that cause tick-borne disease.  Some people choose to test the tick to find out if it is carrying a bacterium.  However, if the tick tests positive, it does not necessarily mean the bacterium was transmitted through the bite, and a negative result does not mean that the person is free of tick-borne diseases (there could have been another, unobserved tick bite that caused an infection).

  • UMASS' Laboratory for Medical Zoology will test a tick and return results by e-mail three business days after receipt.  The also have an online FAQ and a real-time Chat to answer questions (9am- 5pm).  Information on submitting a tick here:  www.tickreport.com.  There is a fee.  If Harvard submits 100 ticks a year, we could qualify for a reduced fee.   

Stop by the BOH office at Town Hall for your complimentary tick remover (one per household, please).