Community Cable Access Committee

To place something on the local cable channel: email or phone the staff at 978-456-2719.

Mission Statement:

The Harvard Community cable Access Committee is a sub-committee that sits at the discretion of the Selectmen. The committee's mandate is to provide a liaison between the Selectmen, town residents and our cable provider. The committee also oversees the town's video production studio, its equipment and the equipment that is situated at meeting sites and transmission sites in the town. The committee also oversees the programming that airs on the local access station, Channel 12. Our mission is to support local origination programming and ensure that resident concerns relating to cable signal and service are transmitted to and addressed by our cable provider.

The Community Cable Access Committee encourages townspeople to develop programming for airing on our public access station. Any town resident can bring a broadcast request to the committee. We encourage town related programming or programming that is about town residents. We are non-commercial and non-partisan. No commercials or political campaign ads can be aired. All programming must be void of profanity and lewdness, and must be void of racial, ethnic or religious bigotry in its content.

Opportunities to Volunteer:

The Community Cable Access Committee relies on volunteers to provide programming, help air community and school related meetings. Volunteers, regardless of their technical skills, are encouraged to write to the committee. The mailing address is Harvard Community Cable Access Committee, 13 Ayer Road, Harvard, MA 01451.

Term Length: 3 years

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Anya Zulawnik Station Manager