Open Space Residential Design (OSRD) Bylaw

The Town of Harvard Planning Board is in the early stages of revising the Open Space and Conservation Planned Residential Development (OSC-PRD) Bylaw. Please bookmark this page if you want to keep up to date on the project including public meetings and other outreach events.

Notice of Event: Open Space Residential Design Workshop w/ Randall Arendt: An Event to Provide Information About the Open Space and Conservation Design Development Concept. See FLYER here.

Who: The Town of Harvard in conjunction with Mass Audubon and the Mass Smart Growth Alliance. Author and Planner Randall Arendt will be the keynote speaker.

What: A workshop that includes speakers talking about Open Space Residential Design from multiple perspectives, a design exercise, and a discussion of Harvard's proposed new Open Space Residential Design Bylaw.

Where:  The Town of Harvard Bromfield School Auditorium (see map here)

When:  Thursday, February 6, 2020 from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm (see the workshop agenda here)

Why:  Open Space Residential Design is an exciting but not particularly new concept that provides a much more environmentally friendly and town design aligned option for residential development, particularly in rural areas. Towns in Massachusetts can benefit from hearing about best practices and other benefits of OSRD by attending this workshop. The Town of Harvard already has a Bylaw called OSC-PRD but it isn't what it could be. Come to this event to learn what an Open Space Residential Design bylaw could be.

How:  Sign up for free at Eventbrite here.