The Ginny Thurston Civic Scholarship Award


Volunteer participation in the governing of the Town of Harvard is critical to maintaining the character of our community. We believe that it is incumbent on us to help instill seeds of volunteerism for municipal service in our young adults.

Establishment of the Trust

At its meeting of July 25, 2000, the Harvard Board of Selectmen established the Ginny Thurston Civic Scholarship Award. Donations can be made for this scholarship to the Town of Harvard. In the memo field of the check, please write the Ginny Thurston Civic Scholarship Award. This donation made to the trust is a tax deductible donation. Donations will be made to the principal of the trust and thus protected for the future.

Criteria of Award

It is the intent of this scholarship to promote local government participation.

Volunteers are critical to the health of a small community such as Harvard. In order to stay representative of the community, local government must be guided by its community members. Thus, the scholarship will be awarded to a student(s) at the Bromfield School who has shown the willingness to participate in activities which supports the operation of the community of Harvard. This student(s) will have dedicated time and commitment by providing actual support to a service provided a department or committee of the Town of Harvard.

Amount of Award

The initial fund-raising efforts for the Trust netted the sum of $17,575. Based on current estimates of interest, the initial amount of the award has been established at $1,000 per year. The amount of the award will be reviewed annually.

Letters of interest can be submitted to the Board of Selectmens office by mail to 13 Ayer Road, Harvard, Ma or via email to Letters are due by May 10th, 2018.