Amendments to Protective Bylaw - Fall 2021

The Planning Board is moving forward on seven (7) amendments to the Protective (Zoning) Bylaw for Special Town Meeting in October 2021. Six of these relate to senior housing and one is for erosion control. Each shall be briefly summarized below. This page will provide drafts as soon as they are available and also Public Hearing and other key dates shortly.

Section 125-2, Definitions - Due to several new provisions being proposed related to senior housing, a few new definitions will be needed in this Section.

Section 125-10, Conversion for multiple residence - Updating the provisions and criteria to make it simpler and more clear to do a conversion.

Section 125-18.2, Affordable Accessory Apartment - Delete this Section. It is not functional and has not been used. There are better means to create affordable units that better fit Harvard.

Section 125-21(B)(1), Permitted Uses in AR Districts by Special Permit - Change the name of "in-law apartment" to "accessory dwelling unit" for consistency.

The next three amendments is intended to clean up the Ayer Road Village Special Permit Section by moving Assisted Living to a more appropriate Section (Senior Residential Development). Next, the Board proposes replacing the Assisted Living with a more comprehensive Continuing Care Retirement Community. But in case this does not pass, Assisted Living still remains in its new Section.

Section 125-52(I), Ayer Road Village-Special Permit, Assisted Living Facility - Delete this Section.

Section 125-57, Senior Residential Development - Add Assisted Living language removed from 125-52.

Section 125-57, Senior Residential Development - Add Continuing Care Retirement Community section.

Finally, for fall 2021, the Planning Board proposes to re-introduce the Erosion Control Bylaw (125-58) with a few improvements and clarifications.

Please bookmark this page for updates to this information. If you have any questions, please contact Christopher Ryan at or 978.456.4100 x323.