Housing at Hildreth House Project

NOTICE: RFI Deadline Extended to Monday, May 6th at 5:00 pm

This page will provide information on the Housing @ Hildreth House project including zoning and property information. The H@HH Request for Information (RFI) will be posted in the Central Register on Wednesday, April 3rd. The deadline for responding to the RFI is May 6, 2019 at 5:00 pm. If interested in the RFI document, please contact Christopher Ryan at the email listed below. Last update was April 30, 2019.

Other documents available include feasibility analyses, site plan, market study data, and other documents supporting a prior efforts to market the property ending in 2017. Please contact Christopher Ryan at cryan@harvard.ma.us if you are interested in this documentation. Please see questions posed and answers related to the current RFI below:

Q1:  Would the town be interested in a pure market rate senior complex?
A1: To clarify the Town's preferred target market, we are looking for moderate to mid-range purchase or rental units that would cost less than seniors would realize in a sale of their current, likely larger home on a large lot, so that they can realize some gain providing for living expenses.

Q2:  Is there a preference for ownership or rental?
A2:  The Town has no preference for ownership or rental units as long as a quality management company is utilized and Town goals are maintained by deed restriction or other appropriate mechanism.

Q3:  We are not aware of any subsidies available for affordable senior housing development. Does the Town have any resources to write down some percentage of the units?
A3: There are no identified subsidies, tax abatements, or other financial incentives that the Town is offering. However, based on financial feasibility for the Town, we are willing to freely negotiate terms of the disposition. The Municipal Affordable Housing Trust may be a potential minor source but only if there is an affordable component (not nessisarily SHI required).